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We develop branding and marketing strategies that evoke brands
Who we are

We are a highly experienced team of professionals capable of combining knowledge and experience with creativity for evoking your brand's potentials. We are extremely versatile because we develop dedicated teams that undertake each specific project, tailored to your brand’s needs. Therefore, we have the ability to managed a wide range of brands worldwide.

Our multiyear presence in the industry gave us the opportunity to develop a global network of affiliates which are utilized on specific branding projects, according to their attributes and field of expertise. We use the power of networking to combine the skills of each team member in order to deliver the best possible outcome for your brand. Our global network enables us to provide branding and marketing solutions worldwide and at the same time, receive feedback and trends from major markets.

What we do

We believe that it is extremely difficult to succeed in today's highly competitive environment without a solid Brand Strategy and this is what we offer to your organization. From a startup to a well established multinational company there is always room for improving your brand's position by investing in strategic branding.

Depending on your brand's needs and resources, along with the branding or rebranding strategy, we are able to assist you with the Brand Marketing. That includes the development of the marketing plan and the Marketing Strategies that the company will use in order to achieve its overall business plan.

We have enabled many companies, organizations and institutions active both in B2B and B2C markets, achieve their goals through comprehensive branding and marketing projects, serving several diverse industries in both private and public sector.

Over the years we have developed branding and marketing strategies for international brands that wanted to enter the EMEA markets and vice versa, domestic brands that choose to go international or enter a specific country.

evokers brand team

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