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Your brand is your most valuable asset and the only one that can constantly increase in value. Invest in it!

What is a brand after all?

A brand is the set of notions, thoughts, expectations, feelings, and emotions that a company, institution, product or service evokes.


​If you succeed in evoking the desired elements associated to your company, product or service by a simple glimpse of a logo or by mentioning your company and product name, you have created a brand.

What is branding?

Branding is the process we use to turn a company, an organization, an institution or even a product or service into a brand. It is a purely marketing function that has evolved a lot, especially in the recent years, through the development of new methods and techniques in its approach.

Brand building is a holistic process, not an action

​By combining who you are with what you want and you are able to achieve, we develop a Branding Strategy for positioning your company, products and services and communicate your brand to the market.

​Regardless of your industry, activity, positioning and target group, as soon as you develop a branding strategy, you can set every marketing element working for your brand and constantly gain value.

​If you don’t take action in developing your brand, the market including your competitors, will position your company instead of you.

How branding works?

All successful brands worldwide develop branding strategies, that enable them to reach their goals, by remaining loyal to their core values and fundamental attributes. The first step is to develop a branding strategy.

​Your brand has to speak a language that will be understood by your current and potential customers, have an appearance that they can relate to, give a promise that will be kept and evoke all those elements that will engage them in order to become your brand advocates.

You can consider your brand as a person who interacts with your customers, your vendors, institutions and investors. The way your brand interacts, derives from your brand's personality. This person's appearance is your brand's visual identity and the way this person speaks and writes, is your brand's tone of voice.

Humanize your brand to engage your audience

Upon implementing a branding strategy, all your actions will be consistent and your operations will be in line with your brand. Every activity and process will be part of a greater plan and will serve an additional role, the one of adding value to your brand. Every aspect of your company will exude your brand's characteristics and will be linked with all the elements that you want to evoke, not only to the market but also within the organization. 

The next step is to enhance and preserve your brand through Brand Marketing. Your marketing plan, the Marketing Strategy and the marketing tools that will be used to implement it, will all be aligned with your brand. Consider that the exact same plan and tools, will not be as effective or add value to your firm if you do not have a solid branding strategy in force.

Is branding suitable for me?

Branding is suitable for every company, organization and institution, regardless of their sector, size or form. Everyone needs branding, especially nowadays that the vast majority of the interaction with the market is done through digital means. Being able to seize the opportunity that the current marketing tools offer, for increased exposure and awareness through a branding strategy, will boost your operations. From a freelancer to a large multinational corporation the benefits of developing a brand are enormous.

Branding is the only investment everyone can make, which will constantly increase both the value of the company and its revenues.

Your brand is your most valuable asset, invest in it!

The benefits of branding

There are numerous benefits for every company organization or institution, associated with branding:

Creates customer recognition and customer loyalty

Provides confidence to both the external and internal of the company

Allows shared values with customers

Creates brand equity

Achieves higher prices for products and services

Creates immediate acceptance of new products and services

Provides easier market penetration

Creates consistency in every level and operation

Increases ROI on every marketing activity

Distinguishes the brand and products from competition

Creates credibility for the brand and consequently for every product operation etc.

Increases employee loyalty and engagement

Attracts new talent

Attracts investors

Constantly increases the overall company value

When is the right time for rebranding?

There are many different occasions when companies decide to invest in a rebranding project. The vast majority of the cases are associated with changes inside the company, in the market, or both. Those changes can either be positive or negative. 

When local brands decide to pass the boarders - Internationalization

There is a need for repositioning the brand

Change of ownership or CEO

The brand doesn't stand out

When facing corporate identity issues

In case of poor reputation

The brand becomes outdated

After mergers or acquisitions

The markets are changing

When the vision is changed

The brand faces severe competition form copycats

The business environment has changed

The brand is similar to another regardless of the industry

When facing unexpected sales reduction

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