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Marketing Strategy

We develop your marketing strategy to help you achieve your goals 

Your marketing strategy is the most important tool to address the market with the appropriate way, tailored to your needs and expectations.

We develop your marketing strategy by conducting extensive research and mapping of your operations, while remaining loyal to your core values and promoting your attributes.

In order for a marketing strategy to be successful, it has to be based on solid data and developed to reflect that company's potential and overall business strategy. To achieve this task, we define a marketing plan tailored to your needs and develop the marketing strategies that will be used in order to achieve it. 
The phases of a marketing strategy

There are seven phases in developing a marketing strategy with several steps in each phase depending on the size and complexity of each company and its operations. Although the phases are common for all projects, the procedure, tools and actions should be tailored to your organization and your needs.

Set the marketing goals 

The marketing goals should be focused on attaining the marketing plan of the company and in line with the overall business plan. The goals set, can be achieved by different strategies and marketing tools, but finding the optimal tool set that will generate the higher ROI for the company is our goal.

Conduct thorough market research

The market research is essential in order to find out how you can achieve the marketing goals set. The research will help identify the target group and ideal customer for each product and service your company offers. Moreover, the research may reveal a market gap available for exploitation by developing new products, or a different approach.

Determine the correct marketing tools

Nowadays there are numerous marketing tools that enable marketers attaining specific marketing goals. It is essential to identify which will work better for each company, market and product since "one tool set fits all" does not apply in strategic marketing formulation.

Set KPIs

In order to make sure all marketing efforts will have a positive outcome and the impact there are set for, we define specific key performance indicators. The KPIs provide a lot of data and therefore enable us to fine tune or change the marketing actions in order to get the most out of your investment.

Develop a marketing budget

Upon defining your strategies and the marketing tools we can develop a solid marketing budget, depending on the size and operations of your company. Budget allocation is very important and has to be optimized for the set goals.

Strategy implementation

After formulating the marketing budget, it is time to put the strategy into action. In this phase timing and accuracy is the key to success since everything has to be very well organized in order to achieve the desired outcome. Every part of the marketing strategy has to be implemented according to the overall marketing plan.

Measure your impact

In order for any strategy to be considered as a successful one you have to be able to measure its impact. Here analytics come into action since every strategy we implement and every tool we use has to generate measurable profit for the company. The KPIs set, combined with the metrics of each tool, will help us to find out how successful our marketing actions are and take the necessary corrective actions if needed, in order to generate the highest possible ROI.

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